P.J. Starks was born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky. In 2007 he began taking filmmaking seriously by writing and directing the horror film Hallows Eve: Slaughter on Second Street. Due to the local success of his first professional effort he was asked to help David Breckman (Monk and SNL) with his directorial debut film Murder In Kentucky during the 2009 International Mystery Writers Festival. Starks received a Co-Producer credit as well as helping co-edit the short. In the summer of 2010 Starks wrote and directed his passion project A Mind Beside Itself, a psychological romance. He also worked with Lee Goldberg (The Glades and Psych) on his short film Remaindered, of which he was director of photography and co-editor. Between 2011 and 2013 P.J. worked as associate producer on the feature films Reality and Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh for Indiana filmmakers as well as the popular web-series The Book of Dallas.

In 2012 Starks created the popular event Unscripted at the Daviess County Public Library where he served as a coordinator until becoming more of an adviser in 2014. Starks and Unscripted were featured on PBS in 2014. The event is still catering to the Owensboro community as an annual event, giving local and regional indie filmmakers an outlet to screen their short works.

In 2014 P.J. co-created the Unscripted Film School where community members were given the chance to become production assistants on two short films produced in the library. He served as producer on the espionage thriller Mistrust and the short horror film Lucky that would go on to screen across the US. That same year he would create, produce, co-write and direct a segment in the feature horror anthology Volumes of Blood. He would also write and direct The Preylude, an online short that expanded the world of VOB.

In 2015, VOB would go on to garner much acclaim from critics and win multiple awards at film festivals across the country. The film found distribution through LC Films and released on April 26th, 2016. Starks also produced the 2015 critically acclaimed fan film The Confession of Fred Krueger directed by Scream Factory and HorrorHound artist Nathan Thomas Milliner. In 2016 he conceived, produced and co-wrote the follow-up anthology Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories that would also go on to receive critical acclaim and land itself on six ‘Best Film of 2016’ lists that included Fangoria. In December of 2015 Starks would partner with his good friend and fellow producer Eric Huskisson to create the production company Blood Moon Pictures, LLC.

VOBHS would go on to find distribution through the LA based production company Petri Entertainment in August of 2017. That same year Starks would find himself producing a myriad of productions which included a short film called The First Date, written by his late friend and colleague Brian Storm. He would also serve as producer on the horror anthology 10/31, the telephonic terror feature Close Calls, the horror comedy Butcher the Bakers, the creature feature Gnawbone and the supernatural horror flick Deimosimine.

He is currently serving as an executive producer on several 2018 releases including the demonic found footage flick The Viral Demon, the creature feature anthology Cryptids, the suspense thriller Angel and the 80’s throwback Maniac Farmer.

Starks is continuing to look for producing opportunities and announced that BMP is in development on Devil’s Knight: Volumes of Blood 3 along with several other projects in the works.

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            I have lived in Owensboro most of my life and graduated from Owensboro High School in 1985. While in high school I participated in all but one production of the Rose Curtain players. This is where I realized that I would love to make a career out of acting. But I didn’t move to L.A. or New York and since then work and night school have kept me busy and unable to fulfill my acting dream. Then things started to change when I met P. J. Starks in 2014. We met through his Unscripted series at the Daviess County Library. I came in 2nd in a zombie costume contest at Unscripted, which landed me a role in his promo production for WBKR’s, “Project Death Pack”. Since then I have worked with PJ on several projects including “Volumes of Blood”. Also In 2014, I worked with NSB Entertainment on a short called “Misfit” where I play a loan shark and with TPTFILMS Entertainment where I play Aetius in their film “Iscariot: Righteous Assassin”.

                   In 2015, My involvement with VOB helped me acquire a producer and actor credit in Nathan Milliners “The Confession of Fred Krueger” and a role in 86’d films “Lattie”.  During 2015 PJ and I realized how well we worked together and how our friendship had grown. This growing partnership led us to form our production company Blood Moon Pictures LLC.

                  In 2016, PJ and I began production of Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories which came out later in the fall. Also, during this year I was an extra several times and a featured extra twice on the tv show “Nashville”.

                  In 2017, PJ and I started looking for a distribution company to distribute VOB: HS and we luckily signed with Dark Cuts. Dark Cuts is the distribution side of the parent company Petri Entertainment. Petri’s production “The Funhouse Massacre” has been seen on Showtime and their latest film “Camp Cold Brook” will be released in 2018